Ireland's Ancient East

Ireland's Ancient East

Start your story right here in Waterford, Ireland's Oldest City. Situated right in the heart of the Waterford Viking Triangle and only a 5 minute walk away from Waterford Treasures, the Tower Hotel is an ideal base to explore this stunning area.  

From high kings and heroes to perilous journeys by sea, discover the twists and turns of Ireland’s tumultuous history; stories that have been written on the land and echo in the voices of the locals in Ireland’s Ancient East.

Why not make this a trip to remember by learning more about Waterford's rich history and heritage? Waterford is blessed with numerous fascinating museums so why not visit Waterford’s Treasures, which consists of Bishop's Palace, Reginald's Tower, and the Medieval Museum, to explore Waterford’s fascinating past marked by Viking raiders, kings, and heroes such as William Crotty, Ireland’s own Robin Hood-style highwayman. It is said that Crotty hid his treasure somewhere in Waterford’s stunning Comeragh Mountains. Best place to start looking for the hidden treasure? Crotty’s Lake and Crotty’s Lair, two hideaways named after the highway hero himself. The Tower Hotel is located only 5 minute walk away from Bishop’s Palace and the Medieval Museum. The Reginald’s Tower is right across the street from the Tower Hotel.

Fancy doing something a bit different? Why not visit the King of the Vikings, world’s first Viking virtual reality experience! Booking is recommended – each experience is 30 minutes long with each session accommodating 8 people.

Waterford Viking Triangle is Waterford’s Cultural and Heritage quarter. A tranquil place, characterised by narrow streets, atmospheric public spaces and an array of cultural & heritage attractions. The Tower Hotel is located right in the heart of the Viking Triangle, making your exploration of the unique and fascinating area even easier. So begin your story here in Waterford and check out the video links below for inspiration and a flavour of all this great region has to offer. 

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