Civil Ceremonies

Civil Ceremonies

We understand that this day is extremely special to you both, and we offer very competitive rates to any one who holds a civil ceremony in the hotel. All ceremonies can be tailored to your specific requirements. The Tower Hotel is an approved venue for Civil Wedding Ceremonies, accommodating small family groups up to 250 guests.

If you are getting married by civil ceremony in a Registry Office or other approved place, you should approach the Registrar of Civil Marriages for the district in which you intend to marry for information on how to proceed. There is no requirement to live in the district in which you want to get married. There is also a requirement to give three months notification to a Registrar. This does not have to be the same Registrar. 

For those who want to get married in wedding venues other than the Registry Office you should contact the Registry Office for the district in which the venue is located to arrange to have it approved. Wedding venues such as marquees, private dwellings or the open air are not acceptable under their guidelines. The Guidelines for Marriage Venues are available on the General Registrar's website. To ensure the venue is approved in time for your wedding you should arrange for the approval well in advance of notifying the Registrar. There will be an additional fee for a civil ceremony held in a venue other than a Registry Office.


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