About Us

Tower Hotel & Leisure Centre is a part of the FBD Hotel Group. This is a collection of 4 hotels in Ireland and 2 resorts in Southern Spain including La Cala resort and the famous Sunset Beach Club, Both on Costa Del Sol.

The hotel prides itself on its Guest Care Programme as outlined below:

Weclome & Delight

Tower Hotel & Leisurwe Centre has designed and tailored a programme aimed at producing Guest Care that is second to none. Our job is to provide incentives for staff that will encourage them to maximise Guest Satisfaction. The programme strives to create such an atmosphere and experience that guests want to come back again and again.
We have 10 Key Fundamentals

• We have Guests - not customers or clients.
• Anticipate our Guests needs - move to assist Guests in any way possible before being asked
• We aim for Best practice - To exceed Guests expectations
• We aim for perfect Guest care - so the little things become second nature
• We aim to Wow - Something new, something to make them smile, something to surprise and delight our guests
• We aim to build good Guest relations - communicating with guests at a high standard
• To build a loyal and satisfied internal team – full co-operation and teamwork between departments, being proud of where you work
• We aim to Acknowledge the hard work of staff members - building a confident team with efficient service by recognising outstanding achievements
• We aim to catalogue and be pro-active on Feedback - asking guests to fill in comment cards so staff can feel appreciated and improve at the same time
• We aim to have this excellent Guest Care within all four hotels in the Group - through coming together, listening to each other’s ideas and brainstorming